Are your products made of recycled/reused or environmental friendly materials ?

Yes, we are committed to reduce as much as possible the use of polluting or non eco-friendly materials, our merchandise is printed on ecologic fabric and our shipment boxes are made up to 75% of recycled paper.

We are continuously searching new solutions with our collaborators to bring you high quality merchandise that is also friendly and respectful to our planet.

If a particular model or collection I like is sold out, there's any canche you'll print it again ?

Sorry we decided not to print again any design.

Our philosophy is to get you the best W.I.A. merch we can create and to make it unique and exclusive, for this reason we decided not to reprint any previous "SOLD OUT" designs in the same form as you already seen it so we can focus on create and give you new and better merch at any new collection.

Can I cancel/swap items or change informations on my order ?

We ship every Wednesday, so you can write us at wavesinautumn@gmail.com if your order hasn't been shipped yet and we will help you fix your order.

sadly we can't cancel or edit anything from the order once shipped, therefore in that case you should address our return policy that you can find on our "shipments" page or contact us directly. 

We are open and willing to fix every problem or complication regarding your order so please feel free to contact us and let us know if you need any help.

Do you ship outside of Italy ?

Yes, for all the information regarding our shipment policy go check the "shipments" section on this page.

Do you accept returns ?

Yes, we do accept returns, check out the "returns" section on this page for all the informations about it.

Do you include free gadgets with all purchases ?

Yes, we include free exclusive gadgets to all you purchases. 

Can I choose the gadget or pin I like or purchase it separately ?

Sorry but our gadgets, stickers and pins are assigned randomly to the shipments and can't be purchased separately.

Do you sale the same merch both online and at live shows ?

No, we have exclusive goods both on the store and at the live events so we suggest you to come and say hello at our merch during live shows to discover some new and exclusive goods ;)